b'Presidents Message OIRCABoard of DirectorsPresident Doug MaikawaTrio Roofing Systems Inc.Past President Tony Pocobene Atlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd.First Vice-President Mark AgiusFlynn Canada Treasurer Peter Serino Soprema Inc.Director Mike Godfrey Godfrey Roofing Inc.Director Marinos Barlas Schreiber Brothers Ltd.Director Zach Petrachek Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.Director Jay Campbell Dean Chandler Roofing Ltd.Director Mark Mollison Conestoga Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Director Darcy Beites Douro Roofing & Sheet MetalContractors Ltd.Director Jeff Roy French Brothers Roofing (Belleville) Inc.Director Joel Dandele Dantech Building Technologies Inc.Director Ian Moriarty EnercorpDirector David Rauth Rauth Roofing LimitedONTARIO ROOFING NEWS is a market-ing and information periodical published for the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association by MediaEdge Publishing. Advertising in ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSis restricted to the member companies of OIRCA.Published for:Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association940 The East Mall, Suite 301Etobicoke, ON l M9B 6J7Presidents Message By Tony Pocobene, President, OIRCA Tel: (416) 695-4114 l Toll Free: 1 (888) 33-OIRCAoirca@ontarioroofing.comwww.ontarioroofing.comPublished by:33 South Station St. l North York, ON l M9N 2B2A s I write my last message as President of the OIRCA, I thoughtThe OIRCA is comprised of companies that are run by hard-work- Tel: (866) 480-4717 l Email: robertt@mediaedge.cait would be prudent to reflect on this past year as we approaching, passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable owners and managers. I531 Marion St. l Winnipeg, MB l R2J 0J9the end of 2020. I can pretty much sum it up in a few wordsam confident that all our members will adapt, learn and survive thisTel: (866) 201-3096 l Fax: (204) 480-4420Good riddance! crisis. But I cannot emphasize enough that we must not forget aboutwww.mediaedgepublishing.comPresident We can all agree that this past year has been far from normal. Forthe stresses on all our employees and their family members. Our em- Kevin BrownSenior Vice President l Publisher those of us who have been in the roofing industry for a while (36 yearsployees are the best in the business, and taking care of their well-beingRobert Thompsonfor me now), we have experienced more than a few crises over the years.should always remain our number one priority. Director, Business Development I can remember the economic challenges that came with the recessionJanuary 2021 also brings the conclusion of my presidency and theMichael Bellend to my third three-year term sitting on the OIRCA Board of Direc- Branch Manager in the early 1990s, the world-altering events in 2001 caused by the hor- Nancie Privrific 9/11 terrorist attacks, and, most recently, the global financial crisistors. I am proud to have participated and contributed on the BoardEditor these past nine years. Our organization is the best trade associationJustyne Esserycaused by the financial institutional collapses in 2008. But nothing pre- Graphic Designer pared us for 2020 and the unforeseeable COVID-19 world pandemic.in the construction industry, and all the volunteers on the variousMarisa GiesbrechtOIRCA committees bring valuable knowledge to the forefront. Sales Executive This has no doubt been a challenging year for all our members. TheIt is time for this old boomer to move over and let in some fresh newPat Johnstonwhole industry has been affected financially, but more importantly,All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may blood. I want to thank all the past and current Board members I havenot be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, many have been affected by this pandemic on a personal level. Fam- worked with all these years. It was an honour working with and learningwithout the prior consent of the publisher. ily members may have either gotten sick by this disease or, tragically,from all of them. I also want to give a special thank you to our ExecutivePublished February 2021some may have lost family members. Many others have struggled withDirector Don Marks. His dedication and hard work throughout the lastPublication Agreement #40787580Ontario Roofing News is printed on 10%their mental well-being, suffering from loneliness, depression or anxi- 24 years has help elevate the OIRCA to where it stands today. post-consumer FSC certified paper using soyabased inks. When necessary to mail an issueety. This has been a tough year for everyone. Finally, I want to wish everyone a prosperous, safe and healthy 2021. in an enclosure, we use an environmentally-friendly,100% oxo-degradable poly-wrap.8ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/21 THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ORN'