b'Inside the OIRCA2021 AGM Report By Don Marks, Executive Director, OIRCAThe following is a report I delivered to the OIRCA membership at our Janu- The Board has continued to fine tune the Active Member Performance Audit and the new subcontract-ary 2021 Annual General Meeting. I thought that it might be of interest to theing requirements for active members, both of which take effect in January 2021. They have also revisited our ORN readership. efforts in the area of business development for members. That staff position is being updated. What it will W hen sitting down to write this report, I tried to think of cre- look like has yet to be determined, although my succession plans may factor in to how that will play out.ative ways NOT to mention COVID-19. Its January 2021,The face of our Board of Directors will continue to change in 2021 as we welcome four new individuals. and we are all pretty sick of talking about it. Unfortunately,As our President Tony Pocobene mentions in his report, last year we introduced four new Board representa-the coronaviruss impact is universal, and we have all had to come totives, as well. Over these past two years, we have said goodbye to some senior Board members. Many of them served as president, and their veteran presence at the table has shaped a strategy that will guide us for grips with how it has changed our lives. years to come. I look forward to working with our new team as we continue to find ways to offer a unique As I have mentioned in my Committees Summary Report else- and valuable membership to the industry.where in this Annual Report, the OIRCA, too, has been negatively af- While 2021 doesnt exactly look that much different than this past year, I hope that we can ramp up com-fected by the pandemic. Our Administrative Assistant Loraine Longomittee involvement. I know that this year many committee members were focused on COVID-19 and their has been working from home since March 2020. Richard Shanks, ourbusinesses, and rightfully so. But the new normal means we have to find ways to engage the membership, Business Development Manager, did so as well, prior to his departureand committee work will play a large part in making that happen. in August. I, on the other hand, have been working from the Associa- We continue to be concerned about the torch application of roofing systems. Our Board, Technical, Safety tions office right from the start. Frankly, I dont like working fromand Risk Management committees continue to lobby for change both at the provincial and national levels. We homeIm not very productive when I do. are encouraged by the manufacturers who have made this a priority in their businesses. Soprema in particular Like everyone else, we have become quite adept at using Zoomhas waged a significant campaign promoting flameless solutions. We applaud their leadership in this area. The and Microsoft Teams and all the other video conference programsinsurance industry has spoken, and our members premiums are heading in the wrong direction.the various industry organizations have adopted. OIRCA committeeToday, at time of writing, construction is still considered an essential business in the eyes of the provin-activity is down, but the Board of Directors did meet religiously eachcial government. That may change if the numbers dont start falling. At the beginning of the pandemic, and every month via teleconferenceold school. we fought to have reroofing included as an essential maintenance and service aspect to the vital operation of both ICI and residential properties and buildings. Should circumstances change in this regard, we will continue to lobby on behalf of our members.REMY CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD. I am starting my 25thyear as Executive Director of the OIRCA. 25 thyearI can hardly believe it myself. Engineering Services For: You should know that I havent lost my passion for this Association and the membership and industry we Roofing serve. I think for me it is all about the people I have worked with, both at the OIRCA and the various other Parking Garages & Balconies organizations I have served and supported.Building EnvelopeWindows & Doors The retiring Board members I have mentioned have been a delight to work with. Many of them have Asphalt & Concrete Pavements themselves been passionate about where they want to see this industry go and how OIRCA can be the driv-75 Westmore Drive,Toronto,Ontario,M9V 3Y6ing force to make it happen. Our outgoing President Tony Pocobene is a prime example of the good people www.remyeng.com905-794-2911 I have been fortunate to associate with. Incoming President Doug Maikawa is yet another example of the quality people that have stepped up to make our industry better. I look forward to working with him and our new Board of Directors in the coming and what will no doubt be challenging year.18ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/21 THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ORN'