b'Insurance NotesContinued from page 1The pandemic can certainlycreasingly towards 2022. The keyis scheduled by the Contractor actingIt is now more important than ever to also be considered a catalystchangethataffectsinsuranceisreasonably.for the current economic re- thereplacementofSubstantialUnderGC11.1INSUR-cessionno news there.PerformancewithReady-for- ANCE,eachoftheinsurance ConstructionmaterialandTakeover, a more extensive set ofcoveragespecificationsforGen- notify your insurance adviser of early use equipmenthavealsobeencriteriathatdeterminescomple- eral Liability, Automobile Liabil-scarceduetotheslowertion of the works. These can beity, Aircraft & Watercraft Liabil-paceofmanufacturingfound under the new CCDC 2ity, Broad Form property (akaand occupancy by the Owner, to avoid brought about by the pan-2020 under GC 12.1READY- builders risk/installation floater), demic,drivingthesecostsFOR-TAKEOVER,sub-para- Boiler & Machinery and Contrac-higher, too.graphs12.1.1and12.1.4.2.Fol- torsEquipmentinsuranceall Theongoinghardandop- lowingarethepre-requisitestomust now be maintained in com- triggering coverage termination clauses pressiveinsurancemar- achieve Ready-for-Takeover frompliancewithReady-for-Takeover, ketplacemaybecomethe CCDC 22020:NOT Substantial Performance. prolongedasaresultof12.1.1 The prerequisites to attain- Care is also required with thebuilt into most Builders Risk policies.pandemic-relatedexpenses,ingReady-for-TakeoveroftheWorkBroad Form property insurance added on top of an already- are limited to the following: due to the provision GC 12.2volatile2020fornatural .1 The Consultant has certified orEARLY USE AND OCCUPAN-catastrophessuchashurri- verified the Substantial PerformanceCYBYTHEOWNER,which, canes.Therearetoomanyof the Work. subject to conditions, allows therence and a General Liabili- include limited coverage. CCDC uncertainties preventing in-.2 Evidence of compliance withOwner to take partial occupancyty deductible not exceedingrequires now a Contractors Pol-surersfromsofteningtheirthe requirements for occupancy or oc- beforeReady-for-Takeoverhas$10,000.Thankfully,Um-stance.cupancy permit as prescribed by thebeenachieved.Itisnowmorelution policy that includes clean-Justwhenyouthinkyouauthorities having jurisdiction. importantthanevertonotifybrellaLiabilityinsuranceupprovisionsandthird-party haveseenitall,alongcomes .3 Final cleaning and waste re- yourinsuranceadviserofearlywill help soften the cost byliability protection for both sud-furtherchange.InDecembermovalatthetimeofapplyingforuse and occupancy by the Owner,combiningthesetwocov- denandaccidentalpollution 2020,CCDCintroduceditsReady-for-Takeover, as required by thetoavoidtriggeringcoverageter- erages under one excess li-mination clauses built into mostability policy, which we dosituations,aswellaslong-term new CCDC 22020 StipulatedContract Documents. recommend.(commonlyreferredtoasgrad-Price Contract as well as CCDC .4 The delivery to the Owner ofBuildersRiskpolicies.Arrangec.MannedAircraftandwa- ual)pollutionsituations.Extra 41CCDCInsuranceRequire- suchoperationsandmaintenancethe coverage before you bind thetercraft(ifused)limits ments, a more extensive list ofdocumentsreasonablynecessaryforpolicy. care is required when purchasing insurance requirements that hadimmediateoperationandmainte- Additionally,GC11.1IN- ofliabilitynotlessthanthiscoverageassomepollution not changed since 2008. The newnance,asrequiredbytheContractSURANCEdoesnotlistev- $10,000,000 per occurrenceinsurersrestrictorexcludekey forms were needed and are veryDocuments. erysingleinsurancecoverageand$10,000,000aircraftpollution exposures. Ask your in-well-crafted, but the timing leaves .5 Make available a copy of theevidence you must provide. Thepassenger hazard. I know itsurance adviser about this before something to be desired.as-builtdrawingscompletedtodateCCDC 41 Insurance Conditionsseems unusual, but contractors contains additional requirementsdo use aircraft and watercraftagreeing to bind coverage so that ThenewCCDC22020on site. from time to time. you are fully informed.StipulatedPriceContractwill .6 Startup, testing required for im- of which you need to be awared.Unmanned Aerial Vehicles phase in gradually. My colleaguesmediate occupancy, as required by theandisusuallyattachedtotheFenn & Fenn Insurance Prac-at CCDC advise me that seals forContract Documents. backofyourCCDCcontract(UAV/Drone)liabilityin- tice Inc. has arranged exclusive in-the CCDC 22008 can continue .7 Ability to secure access to thedocument.surance (if used) for no lesssurance facilities in order to keep to be used until fully consumed.Work has been provided to the Own- New coverage requirements inthan $5,000,000 per occur- you compliant with all these new Additional seals will also be avail- er, if required by the Contract Docu- CCDC 412020, which are notrence. Drone usage is increas- contract insurance requirements. able from CCA until Decemberments.mentioned within GC 11.1IN- ing in ICI roofing. SURANCE but may be needede.Property, Contractors Equip- Hopefully,thisyearwewill 2021.So,thenewformwillbe.8 Demonstration and training, asment and Boiler & Machin- start to see the end of the hard in-used on occasion in 2021 and in- required by the Contract Documents,when the Owner comes lookingery insurance requirementssurance marketplace and a gradual foraninsurancecertificatefol-lowing Notice of Acceptance, in- remain unchanged save forleveling off of liability insurance clude:(a) above. premium base rates as the year pro-UnmannedAerialVehiclef.ContractorsPollutionli- gresses. Hopefully, we will also see liability insurance (drones)abilityfornolessthanan end to this crippling pandemic ContractorsPollutionli- $5,000,000 per occurrence.ability insurance.Severalofourcustomersal- and perfect storm and, in turn, a Think Safe, Both are discussed below.readyusedronesforroofandreturn to a buoyant economy. Work Safe, The new CCDC 41 2020In- wall inspections, and we believeAs always, if you have any ques-since 1988 surance Conditions applies nowit is only a matter of time beforetions at allwe seem to receive if required by the Owner and in- their usage on roofing projects ex- many these daysyou can always Top-Line Roofing & Sheet-Metal Inc specializescludes the following key changespands to include other tasks, suchreach me directly below. Stay safe, in the installation, repair, and maintenance of(summarized from CCDC 41):asinfra-redmonitoring/thermalstay well and, in the words of my industrial roofs throughout Southern Ontario.a.CCDC22020insur- imagingfirewatch,especiallyif OUR SERVICES: ance will be subject to theitmeansalowerlikelihoodoffavouriteHillStreetBluesStaff Commercial roofing Re-roofing Ready-for-Takeoverdefi- worker injury. The OIRCA liabil- Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, Hey, lets Roof maintenance Skylight installation nitionexplainedabove,ityinsuranceprogramincludesbe careful out there!Roof inspection,Sheet metal flashing evaluation & report fabrication & installation extendingthedurationofthis protection and has done so Historical restoration Retro-fit curb installation insurance coverage require- for several years already, subjectSimon J. Fenn, CIPEmergency roof repairs ments. to declaration, license and com- Chairman b.GeneralLiabilityandAu- pliance with regulations.Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc. (905) 602-0760 tomobileLiabilityinsur- Contractors Pollution liability 1325 Fewster Dr ancetotallimitsofliabil- seemed inevitable. There are toowww.fenninsurance.com/roofingMississauga, ONL4W 1A2 itymustnotbelessthanmanyformsofpollutioncover- Cell: 416 605 7341 toplineroofing.ca$10,000,000peroccur- age and pollution exclusions thatE-mail: simon@fenninsurance.com 6ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/21 THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ORN'