b'NRCAs RecommendationsGood communication is needed among a buildings primary designer, roof system designer and roof drain-agesystemdesigner,whotypicallyistheplumbing system designer.Toproperlydesignapipedroofdrainagesystem, the roof drainage system designer needs to be aware of the following: Specific roof system type Figure 1: Flashing roof drain with extension. IntendedlocationsofroofdrainsandpipedProtective Roofingoverflow drainsWhether the roof system is an above-deck roof insu-lation configuration Safety ProductsThicknesses of the roof insulation at the roof drains and any piped secondary drains Any scuppersBuilding designers and roof system designers should provide the roof drainage system designer with this infor-mation on a project-specific basis. BYRoof drain and any secondary drain locations should clearly be delineated in plumbing drawings so the plumb-ing contractor is aware of the designers intents. Also, roof drain and secondary drain heights above the roof deck should clearly be indicated on plumbing drawings and account for insulation thicknesses at these locations.I encourage plumbing designers to consider specify-ing roof drains with height extension accessory options. For example, a commonly used roof drain is the Zurn Z100 model roof drain manufactured by Zurn Industries, Erie, Pa. The company offers three extension accessoryThe PR 100 Guardrail Systemoptions: a static extension with a one- to four-inch exten-sion height, an adjustable extension assembly with a two-is an efficient and practical perimeter guardrail that allows youto 3-inch extension height and an adjustable extensionto work right to the edge of the roof.assembly. Zurn Industries also allows multiple, specific Meets and exceeds OSHA & WCB requirementsextensions to be combined to achieve a drain extension Accommodates: parapets and cant stripsEasy to installheight up to about six inches.Provides unobstructed access to roof edgeSimilarly, for the Josam 21500 Series roof drain manu-factured by Josam Co., Michigan City, Ind., an adjustable extension allows for a 1- to four-inch extension height.Other roof drain manufacturers offer similar exten-sion capabilities.Use of roof drains with properly installed drain ex-tension hardware can accommodate varying insulation thicknessesatroofdrainsandsituationswhereroof drains were inadvertently placed too low.Also, for new construction roof systems over concreteThe PR 600 Mobile Fall Protection Systemroof decks, I recommend designers specify roof drainscan be moved along the roof by pulling the cart to the desired working location, with accessory extensions. This allows for positioning aproviding a safe working area. The PR 600 meets O.S.H.A. compliance 1926.502D.roof drain at a concrete roof decks top surface, which allows the deck to be used as a substrate for a tempo- Roofing & Sheet Metal Super Service Centresrary roof system. Then, once the roof system is ready to be installed, appropriate extensions can be added to theEDMONTON, AB CALGARY, AB WINNIPEG, MB WESTON, ONroof drains to accommodate the insulation thickness. An(780) 432-2786 (403) 255-8236 (204) 338-7613 (Weston Road)illustration of this configuration is shown in the figure. BARRIE, ON HAMILTON, ON TORONTO, ON (416) 745-4111(705) 792-6683 (905) 560-2858 (416) 534-8421 WESTON, ONAdditional information about roof drains is provided inOAKVILLE, ON PICKERING, ON LONDON, ON (Signet Drive)The NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof Systems2019. (905) 825-0034 (905) 426-4443 (519) 668-3626 (416) 744-2050Mark S. Graham is NRCAs vice president of technical services. www.sparmarathon.ca@MarkGrahamNRCAORN THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/2111'