b'Project ProfileSika at WorkRogers CentreSarnafil roof hits it out of the park in TorontoTwice!The following is a published Sika Project Profile that is reprinted with the permission of Sika Canada Inc.R oofingcontractorscanhelpSika Sarnafil:of-its-kind, fully retractable motorizedtem due to its height, and still theCNTower,afamousobservation buildingownersprepareforroof arena that allowed for games irre- roof system performed admirably,tower settled on the east of the Rog-someoftheworstdisastersThe First Draft Choice spective of inclement weather. saidJayCampbell,VicePresidenters Centres roof. One of the modern highwinds,snowbuildup,excessiveHome of the Toronto Blue Jays,Fastforward30yearslater,theof Torontos Dean-Chandler Roof- Seven Wonders of the World and the rain, fireseverything, that is, but theCanadasprofessionalbaseballmonumental building in downtowning Ltd., one of the contractors ontallestfree-standingstructureinthe sky falling. Downtown Torontos Rog- team,theRogersCentrewasnoToronto has made a name for itself asboth the original and the roof re- Western Hemisphere, the observation ers Centre never expected a massive icestrangertoSikaSarnafilwhenita skyline staple and the roof has main- placement project.deck provides stunning views for tour-chunk from a neighbouring tower tocame time for the roof upgrade.tained its excellent condition, despiteYet, the legendary Canadian cli- ists but much less gratification for the fall and puncture through their roofsWhenthehigh-qualitysportsunmatched Canadian weather. mate was not the only element theRogers Centre roof. steel deck. Luckily, they knew exactlystadium, then known as the TorontoLocated downtown by Lake On- RogersCentreroofwasconcernedFromthebeginning,themassive where to turn to restore the architec- Skydome,wasfirstconstructedintario,theRogersCentreroofhadwith as even more unforeseen con- CN towers falling ice was an issue. Un-tural marvel to its original glory as a1989byEllisDon,Sarnafilmem- endured unrivaled natural elementsditionsarose.Themoreunnaturalder certain climate conditions, freezing staple of Torontos skyline. brane was chosen to protect the first- and extreme stress on the roof sys- oppositioncamefromTorontosrain and ice would build up on the verti-cal surface of the concrete tower. When the weather warmed, the ice would fall to the adjacent area and plaza below, where certain areas of the Rogers Cen-tres roof took more abuse than others. Ultimately, in 2018, a particularly mas-sive ice chunk punched a hole through Commercial and Residential Roofing the entire roofing assembly, including Trinity Roofing Ltd. specializes in a variety of roofing applications and thestructuralmetaldeck,andfinally waterproofing for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. called for a new game plan.Phone: 416-630-9213URL: www.trinitycanada.comA Big-League OpponentFax: 416-630-1722 Email: info@trinitycanada.comWhen Ping Mu and David Ford of Walter P Moore, the diagnostics group on the roof replacement project, came in to assess the original Sarnafil roof, they knew they were in for a challenge. BUILD MORE Coming in from an outside view, theroofwasinsuchanextraordi-WITH BEACON narily unique condition for its envi-ronment,saidChristopherDeRosa of Walter P Moore. The amount of snow and where it built up on por-SERVING ROOFING CONTRACTORS ACROSS ONTARIO| CAMBRIDGE| CONCORD | LONDON| OTTAWA | WHITBY tions of the roof created certain situ-ations where it was like an avalanche. WWW.BEACON-CANADA.COMLargeareashadaccumulatedhuge, huge amounts of snow. No other con-14ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/21 THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ORN'