b'Project ProfileSika Sarnafil did everything that we could ask. The team they had involved in this was instrumental in helping make this project possible. Despite the extreme circumstances and time crunch, there were no issues or delays in getting material or in the material that was delivered.- Jay Campbell, Vice President of Torontos Dean-ChandlerA New Career For aBeyondtheroofingmembraneincrease membrane thickness due toThenecessarysafetymeasuresbegan in early November 2018, and recycling program, the sustainabilitythe unique condition we were expe- wereasimmenseastheRogersToronto was bombarded with snow Retiring Player initiative was an all-around effort onriencing with falling ice on a regularCentre. All materials needed to bein the earliest stages of the process. At the heart of the project was thethe Rogers Centre project.basis, and as an added layer of du- craned to a gutter around the base ofThe inclement weather went so far as Rogers Centres desire to take advantageTheclientwasagreeabletore- rabilityandprotectionfromsnowthe domed roof. From the gutter weto induce city-wide shutdowns, one of Sika Sarnafils roof take back recy- placing the membrane but trying toavalanches. Lastly, we needed to workneeded to use gantries and custom- lastinganentireweekforthearea cling program, which allowed contrac- keep as much of the insulation underclosely with Sika Sarnafil to make sureized elevators to lift the 10-foot rollsaround CN Tower where falling ice tors to take over 460,000 square feet ofthe membrane at every place that itthe new roof would be properly de- of S327 membrane up into the swingwas still an imminent risk. the removed, old Sarnafil roofing mem- was dry, said Ford, a decision whichtailed so that it guaranteed precise andstages. The second challenge was withInclement weather (snow) made it brane and make it available for Sika Sar- allowed for an even more sustainablewatertightretractableroofsectionsthe welding machines. Given the ex-nafil to recycle. Through the program,process and final product. that kept all the ice, snow and watertreme slope of the domed roof, wevery difficult for our workers to even oldmembraneisgroundintoflakes,out, noted Mu in describing her as- neededtorigupaframingsystemaccess some of the stages. If there was processed and put back into the back- Batting Out the Curve Balls sessment and laying the groundworkwith wheels that would allow us to at- highaccumulation,thesnowwould side of new membrane or used for cre- for the construction process.tach cords to the framing and then toslide down the roof into the gutter, sim-ating roof walkways, saving it from theThe project was no stranger to ad- Meanwhile, contractors tackled safe- the welding machine so that it couldulating an avalanche effect. This posed landfill. Sika Sarnafils Roof Recyclingversity, however. Reaching a stagger- ty preparations. A lot of the existinghelp hold the welder in place on thea serious safety concern, said Agius.Program boasts 80,000,000 pounds ofing height of 282 feet, the sheer sizesafety features that were installed wereverticalslope.AstheswingstageThe task of removing all old ma-processed recycled material and is third- of the roof and its unique configura- nolongermeetingtheexistingcodemoveddowntheslope,thefram- terial to be recycled and transferring party verified in sustainability.tion complexities, slopes, panels, siterequirements, so custom swing stationsing system and the welder moved innewmaterialsbackontoamassive This program definitely has a posi- logistics and access presented an ar- had to be built for this project. We weresync. The weight of the welder aloneroof in downtown Toronto was an-tive impact on the environment. A ma- ray of difficulties from the start.immediately delayed getting started be- wastoughfortheworkerstoholdother impressive feat, especially with jority of the old membrane was recycledDesign-wise,wehadalottocause it took longer than anticipated tocontinuouslydayafterdaywithoutlimited storage on site. Sika Sarnafil throughSikaSarnafilsprogram.Thisconsider.Whenweputthepack- get the anchors installed and approvedthehelpoftheframingsystem,was involved in coordinating material reduced a large amount being wasted,age together, we had to do it withand the swing stages built. The windCampbell further noted. delivery out of Montreal.diverting it from landfills, noted Agius.the potential for the four retractablewas being monitored each day and ifItseemedasthougheverything The new Sarnafil membrane installedroof sections to open and close andit exceeded 35 kilometers per hour, wewassetfortheteamtostrikeout,Sika Sarnafil did everything that had post-consumer recycled content inremain watertight at the back of ourwerent allowed to work off the swingaseventhemercilessCanadianwe could ask. The team they had in-the backside.mind. We also made the decision tostages, said Campbell. climate was against them. The projectvolvedinthiswasinstrumentalin helpingmakethisprojectpossible. Despitetheextremecircumstances ZEROODOUR and time crunch, there were no is- When cold sues or delays in getting material or Up to 177C in the material that was delivered, 75 % less fumes than regular roofing asphalt Campbell said.By BITUMARBURPAK ZERO contains an odour suppressantOnceAprilrolledaroundand which combined with a lower temperature of A NEW ROOFING ASPHALT WITH A LOWERinstallation, minimizes asphalt odour baseball season started, the contract-EVT WHICH REDUCES FUMES AND ODOUR. Zero complaint on odour ing teams were then limited to work-ing around the teams schedule, work- Complaints are time consuming and reduceproductivity on job sites ing until 3p.m. in the case of a night game and forced to remove everything from the roof and off-site on each oc-40 %35 % casion.Ondaytimegamedays,the 30 % contracting teams could not work on % of fumes in the air 75 % Reduction25 % site at all. 20 % From the amount of snow on the 15 % Serving Southwestern Ontario Since 197210 % roof during the winter months to work-5 % Regular BUR ing around the teams game schedule 0 % ZEROCommercial to allow for the opening of the retract-93 121 149 176 204 232* 260 288** 316CIndustrialTemperatureMaintenance Specialists able roof with every game, this project Free Estimates / Inspection was definitely a demanding one, but 11155 St-Catherine Street East * Theidealviscositytemperatureistypicallylowerby23Cfor the final product was more than worthBURPAKZEROwhencomparedwithregularroofingasphalt. it, summarized Chris Masse of Ellis-Montreal-East, QCH1B 0A4Therefore,thereisnoneedforthekettletemperature 152 Thames Rd. W., Exeter, Ont. N0M 1S3 Tel. : 514 645-4561toexceed232CwhenusingBURPAKZERO. Tel: (519) 235-2802Fax: (519) 235-1532bitumar.com **MaximumtemperatureofakettleasperASTMD312. Email: speat@hay.net Don Construction, the general con-tractor on the project.16ONTARIO ROOFING NEWSISSUE 4 2020/21 THE ONLY SOURCE FOR PROFESSIONAL ICI ROOFING CONTRACTORS IN ONTARIO ORN'