b'James Barry and ECAO Executive Director Graeme AitkenElectricians AdvocateECAO INTERVIEW WITH JAMES BARRY, IBEW CCOA with the IBEW in Ontario will likely know theBarrys extensive background in the electrical industry and experi-Anyone associated name James Barry. ence in an upper management capacity within the union helps him As a passionate advocate for electricians, he has built his name in theunderstand the value of working with ECAO contractors to help build industry over the decades as someone who is fair but unwavering inmarket share, ensuring a strong future for everyone. his commitment to ensuring the integrity of the electrical trade. After six years as a local union assistant manager and five acclaimed Barry was recently elected to the top position at the IBEW/CCO as itsthree-year terms as Business Manager/Financial Secretary at Local 586 executive secretary treasurer. IBEW/CCO represents 11 local unionsin Ottawa, Barry was appointed as Executive Chairman for the IBEW/ across Ontario that serve more than 19,000 men and women workingCCO in 2015. In January of this year, he was appointed to his current in various electrical sectors. position as Executive Secretary Treasurer.This position allows him the opportunity to help shape the future forWhen asked what he sees as a top priority in his new role, he states, I members, with an eye on ensuring every IBEW member is workingwant to make sure that every IBEW member is gainfully employed in and enjoying the many benefits of being an IBEW member.all of our markets across Ontario.I am honoured to be elected to this important role, and I am commit- Barryunderstandsthattheunionizedenvironmentisextremely ted to protecting the integrity of our trade by working with the ECAOcompetitive and signatory contractors need to be more creative in get-to maintain safe working conditions and increase work opportunitiesting work and growing their overall market share. He states, I firmly for our members and ECAO contractors, he says. believe the IBEW can help contractors meet this challenge together as Barry and Graeme Aitken, ECAO Executive Director, have workedwe move forward.tirelessly to make sure the Ontario government understands the valueWe have to do a better job at promoting IBEW members and ECAO of an electricians Certificate of Qualification and why the currentcontractorsasbeingthemostqualified,best-trainedandefficient scope of practice must remain as a restricted trade. workforce doing electrical work in the province of Ontario.www.ecao.org8'