b'CHERYL PARONCurrently,theprovinceofQuebecprovidesfinancialsupportforParon has encouraged all IBEW locals to create a womens committee women whose work becomes a safety issue due to pregnancy and theyand asked those groups to reach out to other locals and even those cannot be reassigned to safe work. The IBEW would like to see aoutside of their province. Some female electricians and apprentices similar plan implemented across the country. Maternity and paternityfeel isolated; Paron believes that there is strength in numbers, and if leave is becoming more acceptable in the industry, and the IBEWthey can network with a larger group of women, it carries more weight is encouraging their local unions to provide benefits to employeesin their messaging. Paron states, These women are all facing the same during this leave. A top-up for IBEW women on maternity leave isissues, so there are times when they need to reach out to each other dependant on local union benefits.for support.While she acknowledges that there are finer elements of discriminationRecently, Paron attended the International Womens Day Parade in against women in the workplace, this is very difficult to quantify. ThereToronto and noted that there were more men than women represented are still cases where female electricians will be laid off first or assignedby some trade unions. She sees that there are generational changes to cleaning duty only and not trained like their male counterparts.coming to the construction industry and, hopefully, this will make it Paron states, These women have fought hard to be there, and Ieasier for women to succeed in the electrical tradewhen they have wonder why employers dont want to hire, train and retain the mostsupport from both their peers and their supervisors. Employers and eager and driven apprentices. Graeme Aitken, Executive Director forowners all need to begin to make their workplaces more open and ECAO, also says, I dont understand why employers wouldnt wantwelcoming to women in the trades in in order to attract and retain to hire the top percentage of any identifiable group interested in the electrical trade, including women. this important sector of our society. A looming shortage of skilled workers in the future will hopefully spur an increase in women in the Paron summarizes by stating, IBEW initiatives have made a differenceelectrical trade.in empowering women to be more involved and represented, but we need to do more. She urges women in the trades to become moreParon concluded the interview by stating, We know we still have a involved and have their voices heard through being more active inlot of work ahead of us, but were committed to removing barriers and their local union and network with groups of trades women, whoincreasing female representation. The strength of the IBEW lies in its might even be in another local union, but still provide that peermembership, and that strength only continues to grow if we support support and encouragement.all of our members.FIELD LABELING OFELECTRICAL & MEDICAL EQUIPMENTIntertek is pleased to offer eld labeling and inspection for both electrical equipment to SPE-1000 and medical electrical equipment to SPE-3000. The ETL mark on our special inspection label tells inspectors, or AHJs, that the product complies with nationally accepted standards and includes a unique serial number that is recorded in your report.TO SCHEDULE A SPECIAL INSPECTION IN ONTARIO1-905-678-7820icenter@intertek.comintertek.com/inspectionswww.ecao.org12'