b'WE MAY BE STAYING UNITED THROUGH APARTCOVID-19BUT WE ARE These are unprecedented times for our industry, but I know that together we NOT willgetthroughthem.Iamproudof ALONE thegreatworkwedeliverasIBEW membersandECAOcontractors,andI knowwewillreturntothejobsites even stronger.James Barry Executive Secretary TreasurerIBEW/CCORepresenting 11 IBEW Local Unions across the province of OntarioServing over 18,000 Electricians, Communication Workers, and Powerline TechniciansIBEW Construction105 Hamilton 303 St. Catharines 530 Sarnia 804 KitchenerLorne Newick, B.M. Mark Cherney, B.M. Frank Harris, B.M. Brian Jacobs, B.M.Council of Ontario Brad Smith, Pres. Rob Wall, Pres. Nick Dochstader, Pres.Dino Celotto, Pres.ibewcco.org ibew105.com ibewlocal303.com lu530.com ibew804.caJames Barry, Executive Secretary Treasurer 115 Kingston 353 Toronto 586 Ottawa 1687 SudburyMark Watson, Executive Assistant to the Bill Pearse, B.M. Steve Martin, B.M. John Bourke, B.M. Bruce Palmer,B.M.Executive Secretary Treasurer Jason Kish, Pres. Robert White, Pres. Braydon Potter, Pres.Brian Kitching, Pres.ibew115.on.ca Jeff Irons, V.P. ibew586.org ibew1687.orgLorne Newick,President ibew353.orgJohn Bourke, Vice President 120 London 402 Thunder Bay 773 Windsor International OfficeSteve Martin, President, Power Council John Gibson, B.M. Glen Drewes, B.M. Karl Lovett, B.M. Tom Reid, IVPJim Dumaresq, Pres. Gary McMahon, Pres. James Dodman, Pres. ibewcanada.caFrank Harris, Vice President, Power Council ibew120.ca ibew402.ca ibew773.cawww.ibewcco.org'