b'FROM THE PRESIDENT, BRAD WALKERI will have all learned that we were left with a difficult choiceinterests. They are taking advantage of the absence of some of their I hope that all of you, and your friends and family, are weathering the COVID-19 storm safely. My best wishes, and those of our Executiveday-to-day functions to get to work on providing more for you as and Board, go out to each of our members and partners. What I havemembers moving into the future. This team of dedicated professionals learned thus far through the pandemic is that there is no other groupis currently working on enhancing current training programs, creating with whom I would rather be associated! ECAO, and all our partners,new training, improving websites, seeking to have ECAO as a WSIB are the essence of this province. Program of Excellence training provider, updating databases, creating health and safety templates, streamlining member communications Youand other projects to better place our members coming out of the regarding the 2020 Conference, which was scheduled to take place atcrisis. the Orient Mandarin Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. Your Board deliberated and felt that the best, safest and most practical option wasOntario\'s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has announced a delay in to cancel the event entirely for this year. Directed by the Executive,their launch of the Risk Based Oversight to July 6th due to COVID-19. our partner Cubed Inc. did a masterful job of negotiating with theIn addition, ESA has announced that they have reduced the number hotel. As a result, our 2021 Conference will be at the Orient Mandarinof in-person inspections and have been using alternative methods such Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, from May 23 to 29. We have alsoas photos and videos of completed electrical work. ECAO has been secured most of the program and speakers. We will be working withsuccessful in getting ESA to "put on hold" permit fees retroactive to the Cubed Inc. and hope to offer an even better conference for 2021. dates the Government of Ontario shut down non-essential workplaces and to extend permits that were taken out prior to the Government\'s As of the writing of this message, our 2020 Annual General Meetingannouncement, upon application by contractors. Also with respect to (AGM) is still a go for Ottawa on September 16 and 17, 2020. ThisESA, we continue to work with the Ontario Electrical League (OEL) on may be the first opportunity for us to meet as a group after all of thisESA\'s five-year strategic plan and the roleof the Electrical Contractor physical distancing; so, we are working hard on an AGM that will beRegistration Authority (ECRA). This is important work, and we will memorable. Even at this time, I have no hesitation in expressing tolikely be reaching out to you in the future for your input and assistance.you how eager I am to be with all of you again. I dont believe that IStay safe and continue in your outstanding efforts to keep your people am the only ECAO member who feels this way. safe, assist our Province in providing the necessary infrastructure and Although Graeme deals with much of the pandemic-related activitiessupply chains, follow the guidelines of our public health authorities of your ECAO staff in his message, I want to point out that they haveandcontinuetomonitorECAOcommunications,including been busy with more than keeping us informed and advancing ourthis magazine.New planHealthSource Plus, a People Corporation Company,has merged with long-time ECAO Associate Member benefits,Skipwith & Associates. same greatContain costs while enjoying exceptional service with our newly enhanced employee benefits plans for groups of all sizes; service and1-3 EmployeesFlexibility and low cost optionspricing. 4-250 EmployeesMatch current or design your own planOne contactDaily support, booklets, coverage, claims, invoicingNO COST TO QUOTE Call 1-800-753-0110 or email Jason Ovsenny at JOvsenny@healthsourceplus.comwww.ecao.org4'