b'FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, GRAEME AITKENE words,Pandemic.COVID- ourmembers,havebeensuchgovernmentofficeswithwhichwedeal Essentialworkplaces.You, 19.Physicaldistancing.Forcemajeure.aninspirationthroughout.Whatevermost frequently, they have been accessible, Allofthesephrasesortermswereobstacles appear, you have cleared them.understanding and transparent. Hats off relatively unknown to us even at the time ofYour support, patience and understandingalsotosomanyothersingovernment, our last edition of this magazine. Sure, wehavebeensoverymuchappreciatedincludingtheMinisterofHealth,the had heard of force majeure from our counseland, quite frankly, a great lesson to ourHonourable Christine Elliott, who have or read about it in our contract documentswonderful team at ECAO. It is for youalso really stepped up.fromtimetotime.Andweknewaboutthat we continue to strive to be the best in essential services, but not of construction asthe industry. TheECAOstaffhavemadeallofan essential workplace! I would suggest thatOurlabourpartners,theIBEWCCO,thispossibleforus!Theyare,without none of the others would have entered the theirExecutiveandtheirbusinessquestion, without equal.minds of any of us. However, as these wordsmanagershavesharedourgoalsof and phrases become part of the vernacularThere are, of course, so many more members in the construction industry, there are otherensuringthesafetyofourcommunity,of our community who have been supportive, words and phrases upon which I believe wetheprovisionofaccurateandtimelyat the ready, and significant contributors in should remain focused. information, the desire to learn from thetrying to get through these COVID 19 times. pandemic and emerge even stronger. With I have often spoken and written about ourthem, we have led our industry thus far.And, if I have failed to mention you above, it community, perhaps to the point where itTogether we shall take great future strides.is not due to a lack of gratitude from me or mayseemoverused.However,COVID-19ECAO. Thank you to all!has clearly demonstrated the strength of our Youremployees,manyofwhomare community, the resolve of our members andIBEW members, have exemplified service,Asmostofusareallexperiencingan partners and the absolute will to prevail. Weprofessionalism and pride in their workoverwhelmingsenseofmediacoverageon have witnessed our member-contractors andand communities. Regardless of the rolethe current pandemic, I may suggest you take labour partners contributing to their greaterthey are playing during the pandemic, yourthe time to read our articles in this issue of communitiesandtheprovincemakingemployees deserve our sincere gratitude.TheOntarioElectricalContractormagazine usstronger.OuraffiliatepartnershaveWithouttheirefforts,contributionstoto provide some balance in our daily lives on steppedtotheforefrontofinformationtheirfamilies/communities/employers,other issues that impact, and may I say will dissemination,tacticaladviceandsupportpassion for their trades and desire to getcontinue to impact, our lives in the electrical for our core businesses. Your ECAO team hasthe job done (whatever that job may becontracting industry going forward. For this relished in the opportunity to make a positivein these times), we would be at a standstill. issue, I chose to take my space here to relate how proud I am of ECAO and our partners. difference for our members on a daily basis.As I also mentioned above, our affiliate Each component of our unionized electricalpartners have been solidly with all of us,Ihopeyouhavealsogleanedfromwords contracting industry has pulled together, asready to provide information and services,howhumbleandhonouredIfeeltohave a community, to ensure that we come out ofmanywithoutcharge,tosupportourbeen able to speak on your behalf. This is, the pandemic stronger, more dynamic andmembers and pass along our messages.together than when we entered. as I thought early in my time at ECAO, theOntarios Premier, the Honourable Dougrole I have been training for my entire life. To demonstrate the depth of commitment,Ford, Minister of Labour, Training andThank you for the opportunity to represent andtoexpressECAOsoverwhelmingSkillsDevelopment,theHonourablethis wonderful community.gratitude, I draw your attention to followingMonte McNaughton, and their staffs have contributions through the pandemic thus far: been world leaders in my view. Like theWe are ECAO, and we are Ontario-proud!Ontario Electrical Contractor5'