b'ECAO and IBEW STEP UP TO HELP DURING COVID-19I has changed our workplaces, businesses, local communitiesTheElectricalContractorsAssociationofOntario(ECAO)and It is not an understatement to say that all of humanity has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The rapid and unexpected spread of thethe IBEW Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) have diseaserespondedtotheurgentneedsarisingintheirowngeographic and our day-to-day lives. While we all hunker down to stop the spreadcommunities. One example is in Windsor, where electricians from of this deadly enemy, no sector has been more affected than our healthIBEW Local 773 and Mezzo Ristorante teamed up to donate 5,000 care system and medical supports. Our health care workers not onlymeals to workers at hospitals in Windsor, Chatham-Kent and Leam-working around the clock, but also putting themselves in direct lineington. The food will be delivered to medical personnel, as well as of contact with this disease. We heard the call for support from theall other staff and volunteers working at the hospital under these health system for much needed PPE and equipment to battle thisdifficult circumstances.pandemic, leaving many of our hospitals at a tipping point in dealingAnother example of stepping up to help an urgent local commun-with the number of patients needing testing, hospitalization and, atityneedisfromECAOmemberJamesMcKellarofAM-TECH the last resort, the use of available respirators. Electrical, who was one of the first companies to jump in when the Ontario Electrical Contractor19'