b'EDUCATIONThe very best way to know if a school is a right fit is to walk through the front door, particularly when there are chil-dren in school because thats when you really get a sense of everyday life, says MacDonald. More often than not, when families take those tours, we hear them that say that they just know when a school fits. Understandably, not all families can make the trip to Canada in advance of a relocation. In these cases, the next best thing is to pick up the phone and talk to school officials or conduct a teleconfer-ence. Whether the strategy is to meet in person or not, the ultimate goal is to get in front of educational leaders and ask the right questions.Its really important that people ask good questions, especially when they have children that are in the older grades and thinking about university. You want to have a clear understanding of what the high school leaving requirements are and if there are programs in place to help support the students as they start to make decisions about post-secondary destina-tions, says Levy.MAKING THE GRADEPrices and incentives will vary between schools. By and large, though, the main incentives touch on what the school can offer each family. For example, some schools may be more attractive because they offer courses to help new students overcome language or cultural barriers, while others may promise a unique community, specialized programs or post-graduate supports.Says Levy: Our marketing strategy isnt focused so much around incentives but more about whatever we can do to inform families about what we have to offer and help them feel comfortable about their decision because it isnt a choice to be taken lightly. The topic of schooling can seem small in comparison to countless other relocation decisions. Nevertheless, finding the best school for families coming into Canada can go a long way towards anchoring a family to their new destination and ensuring the long-term viability of an assignment. The transition for children and families should never be underestimated, stresses Levy. Its more than just changing schools. Its about changing lifestyles, making friends, and becoming part of a new community. When you can find [a school] that helps with all this, you make the transition easier for ever body.22PERSPECTIVES Spring 2020'