b'COVER STORYFUTURE FORUMBy Sarah B. HoodAs we welcome 2020, three relocation thoughtleaders comment on the future of theindustry in the coming decadeT he 20th century was remarkable for radical shifts ranging from the automobile and the airplane to telecommunications and the entry of women into the workplace. Many of these innova-tions were conceived decades earlier but didnt really start to be felt in everyday life until the turbulent 1920s. The 21st century seems to be following the same pattern.Although the seeds of the great digital revolution had already been sown by the 1990s, we are just beginning to understand what fruit they will bear, and historians may well look back on 2020 as the true beginning of the new millennium. Perspectives spoke to a trio of thought leaders in the relocation industry to try to get a picture of the shape of the decade to come, and to understand what it will bring to the global workforce and the future of relocation. Participating in the discussion were: Sonia Gandhi, partner, Toronto practice leader, Global Mobility Tax Services, KPMG (Toronto); Ellyn Karetnick, vice president, global head of talent development and mobility, BGRS (London, U.K.); and Nitzan Yudan, founder and CEO of Benivo (London, U.K.).14PERSPECTIVES Spring 2020'