b'Yitzan YudanEllyn KaretnickSonia Gandhi Founder & CEOVP, Global Head of Talent Partner, Toronto Practice Leader Benivo Development and MobilityGlobal Mobility Tax Services GBRS KPMG CanadaPerspectives: By the middle of this decade, the Baby Boomerhome, but in a different country. Thats also very new, and in cohort will be in their 60s and 70s, while the Millennialmy mind, these changes in assignment types have to do with the generation will have reached their 30s and early 40s, anddemographic shifts.the first wave of Gen Z will be well into their 20s, starting their working lives. How will these generational dynamicsEllyn Karetnick: We see assignees looking for a new value play out through the 2020s? proposition. Theres a big focus on driving simplification of their programs and process efficiencies. Its interesting to see that Nitzan Yudan: The trend that is currently happening willwhat the younger generation want from life is very different: continue: a lot more relocations, but very different than the typetheir experiences, benefits, values, and how they learn. As of relocations of 20 years ago. Assignments will be much lessa result of that, there are cross-border opportunities. Also, finite in terms of defining the start date and end date, the fullemployees are looking for purpose in their work. Flexibility and package, and involving relatively senior people. It will be muchtransparency are becoming much more important for employees more about people earlier in their careers who have very littlewho are defining themselves not by jobs or roles but by experi-and need very little. People now expect to move as part of theirence. There is a focus around supporting flexible, gig-type careers. They dont need people to take them around the city.working styles, reducing the real estate and desks.They require nothinga mobile phone, a laptop and a suitcase.Sonia Gandhi: Millennials and Next Gen are looking for morePerspectives: In the year 2000, some businesses were still flexible policies. In terms of mobility specifically, what wereusing pagers, desktop computers and fax machines. The seeing now is that companies are offering more flexibility inpast decade has seen a surge in cloud-based data manage-their policies: a core benefit plus an option-driven selection.ment, social media platforms, app development, robotics, Were also seeing fewer long-term and more short-term orAI and the Internet of Things. As businesses move from extended business travellers because Millennials like to spendhandling disruption to harnessing possibility, what will this more time with their families. Individuals want to work frommean for relocation? Passages Relocation is very pleased to announce the opening of our offices in Boca Raton, Florida, to better serve our US based clients. Lauren Cohen Esq., a business lawyer and immigration expert, with over 20 years experience in Global Mobility, will be heading up our team in the US. Visit our website to find out more:passagesrelo.comSpring 2020PERSPECTIVES15'