b"Whether youre an international familyDefining one's educational needs is step one. or not, finding the right school for your child comes down to a number of factors like community, what programsThe next is finding a school that will alignthey have to offer, the parents values and educational philosophy, agreeswith those requirementsDawn Levy, director of enrolment and communications with Montreals Lower Canada College. That being said, finding a school that feels right is espe- their students and respond to their ever- Moving is a very stressful time for cially important for families coming intochanging needs.everyone involved, so employers have a new country because you want to havesomewhat of a responsibility for guiding students in an environment where theyCAIS represents 92 accreditedfamilies in their search so that theyre can make the best transition possible. independent schools across nine prov- not wasting their time, says Levy. That inces. While MacDonald says aligningmeans being familiar with the schools in Another fundamental factor is the typewith such an institution comes with atheir employees new area, the programs of schooling. In some cases, incomingguarantee of high-quality education,that are being offered, what kind of assignees may prefer to enroll their chil- each individual school remains unique.school it is, how many international dren into independent or private schoolsEvery school has its own vision, its ownfamilies might be there, and even if there in lieu of public alternatives. In thesemission and its own values. Thats whyare language and supports for new and cases, it helps to understand the differencethe search for one that fits begins with theinternational students. When employers between independent schools that arefamily agreeing on what matters most,can provide these insights upfront, that accredited and those that are not. she explains. saves a lot of time and stress.Education is governed provinciallyDOING THE HOMEWORK The onus isnt all on the employer, in Canada, so there are big differencesDefining ones educational needs is stephowever. Incoming families can improve between independent and private schoolsone. The next is finding a school that willtheir odds of finding suitable schooling for from province to province, explainsalign with those requirements. Employerstheir children by doing their own research MacDonald. An independent school thatand relocation service providers can helpwell in advance of a move. This can is accredited, however, is one that has hadby researching available options withininvolve online research or, if relocation to meet specific educational standardsthe familys new neighbourhood andpackages and finances allow, embarking to guarantee they can meet the needs ofpointing them in the right direction.on school tours before moving day.THE WORLD NEEDSNEW THINKING.GET READY.For the past 50 years, ACS has closely partnered withGirls and boys aged 218the relocation industry to meet the complex needs Day and boardingof globally mobile families. Dedicated experts ensureInternational Baccalaureate (IB)every child experiences a smooth, seamless, and happyAdvanced Placement Programme (AP)transition into our schools. Through our international curriculum and extensive co-curricular opportunities,LONDON ENGLAND DOHA QATAR|we ready our students for a world that demands To arrange a visit or attend futurea newkind of learningand a new kind of citizen. networking events visit acs-schools.comSpring 2020PERSPECTIVES21"