b'GLOBAL PERSPECTIVEGLOBAL TALENT SOLUTIONSBy Matthew BradfordHow EOR and third-party staffing firms are helping companies source and staff their offices with global talentG lobal business demandsSeveral solutions have been developed inemployment issue that comes up so they global talent solutions. Thatresponse to these global talent challenges.can rest assured knowing their employees includes strategies that connectThey encompass services from staffingare completely compliant in the country Canadian employers withproviders to talent development firms, asin which they are working.international talent and helpwell as employer of record (EOR) organ-companies build and manage teamsizations that some companies entrust toWorking with an EOR can indeed be an around the world.staff and manage foreign operations. ideal solution for companies planning to offer services or sell products in another The world is really without borders,The EOR solution is a tri-partycountry but are not confident they can do and thanks to the growth of the Internetagreement between a company, theirso on their own. Those looking to expand and connective technologies, companiesemployees, and an organization like ours,into India, for example, may benefit from of every size are realizing that theyreexplains Ellis, whose company providesan EOR firm with a physical presence not confined to the country whereEOR services in 60 locations throughoutin the area that provides boots on the theyre located, says Ann Ellis, CEOthe world. In these scenarios, we are theground knowledge and expertise on local and co-founder of the Mauve Groupemployer in the eyes of the law wherebusiness regulations and tax considerations. of Companies. So as more and moreour client wants to operate, but the clientMoreover, an EOR partner can provide a companies seek to expand beyond theirremains the true employer. We work as anmore intimate and nuanced understanding borders, theyre looking for ways to solveextension of them to recruit staff, manageof the regions culture, social customs and their talent and migration challenges. their foreign office, and handle any tax orlabour market opportunities.18PERSPECTIVES Spring 2020'