b'Finding Leaks in Roofing Insurance Notes Inside OIRCAElectronic leak detectionDousing the Flame CRCAs Nationalbecoming standard practice Page 18 Technical CommitteePage 14 Page 20The Challenges ofWinter RoofingIt never fails. Around October and November, many consulting firms get calls from clients asking them to design a new roof for immediate replacement, often due to either building problems or new tenant/lease demands.Page 8Cover StoryOIRCA Comes to the RescueBefore and After the Arson!J ust imagine a charitable foundation that acquires a new facility in Cambridge, Ontario to help those in the community with addiction problems. They plan a major renovation which includes adding a second floor to their new building. Of course, they are going to need a new roof, but their budget is tight, and they are looking for support. Sounds like a perfect candidate for Rooftop Rescue.And so, the OIRCA Foundation leaps into action. We find a local member willing to donate the labour and a member who is prepared to contribute the materials. The roof is a steep-sloped shingle roof, but it is December, so winter is fast approaching. We decide to close the building in with an ice and watershield membrane with the intent of installing the shingles the following spring. Phase one of the roof gets com-pleted, meaning the inside trades can move into the building.Left to right:Dave Walden (Rooftop Rescue Foundation), Derek Kelly (Grand Valley Roofing), Jeff Covey (Grand Valley Roofing), Zak Wall (Nith Valley Construction), Jeff Tessaro (IKO Industries),Colin MacIntosh (House of Friendship), Richard Shanks (OIRCA), John Neufeld (House Of Friendship).'