CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION PM#40787580 NO. 60 WINTER 2018 P E I R 3 6 5 DOW’S LAKE, OTTAWA To assemble is to unify and connect a series of things, whether it be people or objects. Peir365 is a re-development of the boardwalk, providing a new set of possibilities of programmatic use, the gathering of people, and amalgamation of Ottawa’s breathtaking views by the changing of site variables. Through the use of kinetic steel assemblies, this urban intervention responds to changes in its environment, providing visitors to the Rideau Canal new levels of engagement and experience throughout the year. A A 0m 5m 10m 20m STEEL ADV ANTAGE EDUCATION & RESEARCH ISSUE A REPLACEABLE BRACE MODULE FOR SEISMICALLY DESIGNED FRAMES LEADING ENGINEERING SCHOOLS FACE-OFF AT THE CANADIAN STEEL BRIDGE COMPETITION ASSEMBLAGE EXCITING NEW TRAINING PROGRAMS IN THE WORKS! CISC RESEARCH GRANTS UPDATE 2017-2018